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Using the eDeck

Signing into the eDeck app after installation

If you're logged out of The Unstuck Box eDeck app after installing it on your mobile device or desktop, simply enter your email (or mobile phone number) on the login page, and we'll send you a message with a six-digit code. Open the message. Copy the

How do I sign in to the eDeck?

Our sign-in process is a little different. You don’t need to remember an ID or password. Instead, we send you a message with a secure magic link. Click the link, and the Unstuck Box Home page opens. You’re automatically logged in and have immediate a

How to Manage Favorites

Save cards from a deck inside the Favorites folder. You can save cards from different categories (from the same deck) inside the same folder. Tap (or click) the empty heart icon to save a card in the Favorites folder. Tap (or click) the bigger icon t

How to Access My Decks

On this page, we show you everything you need to know about accessing cards on a mobile device or desktop. You learn how to:. Open a deck. Change cards. Manage favorites. Once you're logged in, the Unstuck Box eDeck has an easy-to-follow side navigat